svc manifest

We are challenging the present day and determining to stay ahead of the future by our own example!

The School of Visual Communication is a link in the chain started by the world's legendary design schools. Our goal is to build a new relevant school of Ukrainian design, which will continue with new links — young designers and artists. Our task is to unite like-minded people and give them the opportunity to realize their talents: ideas, dreams, practical experience and knowledge. We are exploring a new code of visual language fed by digital food, its rational and irrational components. The visual language of communication in design, contemporary art, and new media is a skeleton that is overgrown with the flesh of form and content. The digital environment generates its own digital communication.
Design and art are a powerful tool for changing the world around you! Design and art is a powerful tool of visual communication! Design and art are the face of ourselves!
Professionalism is a winning diagonal: movement from left to right, up — and only up!
We believe in the power of good ideas! For a real idea — the whole universe to help! The time has come for a new formation of Ukrainian designers and artists!
Time dictates its conditions — today you need to learn quickly, you need to learn from practitioners, you need to learn from real tasks. The learning process is endless... He who does not make mistakes does not create anything new: an experiment is always the beginning of something bigger. We are not afraid of mistakes, they harden our spirit on the way to the goal!
We are researchers, experimenters and practitioners. We shape today's visual environment and influence tomorrow's visual culture.
We live by a big Idea and our Idea is to use all the power of design and art and use them to make the world a better, more beautiful and more convenient place!